Mohit Suri’s Villains’ Den

By Rashmi Daryanani

Mohit Suri’s office

Mohit Suri seems to be a big believer in creating the right atmosphere to get his work done! The director has given his office space a complete overhaul in anticipation of his upcoming film, The Villain, which stars Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. The reason behind this? He wants to create a sense of isolation and have the subject “grow organically” within each member of the team working on the film.

Since he’s got an interesting title with The Villain, he decided to redesign his entire office and put up photos of famous villains. He’s even taken it a step further by adding in some interesting elements that have some sort of connection with the concept of a villain – sceptres, cigars and spikes are just some of the things he’s used as part of his redecoration! To finish it all off, he’s now referring to his work space as “The Villains Den,” and refuses to call it his office. Nice!

Mohit Suri’s office

Mohit Suri says:

It’s so boring to have a vanilla office. We have such a fun, commercial and unique title for our film. So I thought of giving the office …read more