9 Unexpected Things We Discussed at Our Office Diwali Party :)

By MissMalini

Team MissMalini Diwali

One of the things I LOVE about Team MissMalini is the shockingly wide array of topics that come up any given lunchtime. Also of late we’ve started playing “dress up” once a month (just because!) and so discussions have gotten quite animated about that too now again! Mostly about who will be what and why :) So here’s a peak at a few of the things that came up over Diwali lunch yesterday afternoon. And now from me and the rest of Team MissMalini… HAPPY DIWALI! You know we love you. xoxo

Team MissMalini

Team MissMalini

PS. It took us SEVERAL takes to do this Instavideo for you because we kept cracking ourselves up :)

Now on to the juicy bits! 

1. Chair v/s Daire

Chuck or Dan? This age-old war has been raging at the office since last June. Team MissMalini remains evenly divided about who we prefer as the perfect match for our beloved Blaire on Gossip Girl. Funnily enough yesterday we sucked Nowshad into this conversation and …read more

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