RDB re-enter Bollywood with Bajatey Raho

After the success of all their Bollywood numbers, the hit machine brothers RDB took a break after losing their beloved brother. But the music lives on as Manj and Surj are back with their next composition, the smashing hit new title track ‘Bajatey Raho’ with a pure hip hop feel.

Says Manjeet, “I was very excited when I was given the chance to work on this song and it’s an honour to be associated with Eros yet again! I have always wanted to work on music that reflects the choice of the youth merged with the sounds of hip hop along with our desi style. Fusion is the one thing that I loved producing with Kuly and this song has given me a chance to recreate a piece which I can dedicate to him. “

“The song follows the same feel as that of the film Bajatey Raho. It’s all about Bajaoing in the wrong way to get the right thing and I think that the duo has done a fabulous job maintaining this. The words are easy and one can sing along. This song, I feel can become the anthem of today’s youth who themselves believe in fighting crime …read more

Via: bollywoodhungama